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    London West End Wednesday Night Hinde Street Meeting

    "There is a Solution"

    Room 3: Down the stairs, through the doors in front of you, room ahead and on your left.
    Meeting ID: 499 962 4312

    The Zoom meeting will be open from about 7:10pm.
    For the meeting password please call/email/text one of the contacts listed below.

    Zoom stays open after 8:30pm for fellowship.

    The number above will allow you to join the Zoom meeting via a normal UK phone call from about 7:10pm.
    For meeting password, call/email/text one of the contacts listed below.
    The call also stays open after 8:30pm for fellowship.

    When: Wednesday
    Time: 7:15 pm to 8:30 pm
    How: In person, Online, Telephone
    Type: Closed, Mixed
    How to join:

    In-person at Hinde Street Methodist Church: just turn up, you will be welcome. Normally, someone will be setting up the room from around 7:15pm. You may need to ring the reception bell outside the door to get inside the building.

    On Zoom/Phone: contact us by phone or email for the meeting password.

    Contact: Joe W
    07725 548066
    Alternative contact: Chrissy (female representative)
    07748 114980

    This is a mixed meeting, open to all those with a desire to stop addictive sexual behaviour.

    The format of the meeting alternates each week between a Big Book study and a main share (a personal story of strength, hope and recovery).

    Our focus is on that "there is a solution" available through Sex Addicts Anonymous, utilising the 12 steps and 12 traditions set out in the big book.

    To Newcomers, SAA is a safe place.  Whoever you are and whatever you have done, you will be made very welcome.  Come join us for fellowship before the meeting for a chat and then for the meeting.  You will be no longer alone.

    - It works if you work it, So work it because you are worth it -