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  • What to expect at my first meeting

    At your first meeting, you’ll be warmly welcomed and accepted without judgement or shame.  The circle of secrecy in which addicts exist, will be lifted.  You may feel relief to know that here is a place where you can finally be yourself.  You can be honest with others about how you have acted out in the past and you will still be accepted. 

    Although we’re all individuals with our own stories, you’ll be able to listen to others’ experiences of being sex addicts.  Through identification with others who have similar struggles, you’ll come to realize that you are no longer alone.

    You will be introduced to the 12 Steps of Sex Addicts Anonymous. Although many beginners do not initially realise it, through the 12 Steps you’ll find a clear, easy-to-follow path to a new sense of freedom. 

    You may also begin to learn about some of the tools of recovery that sex addicts rely on.  For example, you’ll be encouraged to share telephone numbers with other recovering sex addicts. 

    An honest and non-judgemental exchange with other members of the fellowship - both giving and receiving support - goes a long way towards helping you to adopt a new, liberating belief system: that you are a worthy person, deserving of love and acceptance.

    You will hear the Serenity Prayer.  Although only one sentence long, your comprehension of this simple prayer will deepen and mature as you progress through the programme. However, as many of us can confirm, you may begin to have a new understanding of the word ‘serenity’, peace and calm after only one meeting.

    Although every SAA meeting will vary slightly from town to town and from week to week, your first attendance is likely to be transformative.  By attending your first meeting you will be taking the first step along a life-changing journey from shame to grace.


    Last updated: December 15th, 2021