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    SAA fellows and meetings may contribute financially to the work of SAA UK intergroup

    You can make a one-off donation to SAA securely using your payment card below.

    Or directly to our bank:

    UK SAA intergroup - Donations Account
    Sort Code: 08-92-99
    Account number: 65730111

    In keeping with our traditions, we are only able to accept donations from SAA fellows and meetings.

    Once you choose a donation amount, you will be redirected to our payment provider to confirm the payment.

    The donation will appear as 'Tradition Donation' on your bank statement, to protect your anonymity.

    Make a donation

    Tradition donation - new

    Unfortunately, we can't accept donations via card at the moment, but you can still send a donation directly to the bank account above.

    How your donation can help the addict who still suffers

    The SAA UK Intergroup is directly responsible to SAA groups in the UK that are registered with it, to help them carry the message of recovery through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of SAA.

    This work includes:

    • Maintaining the SAA UK website including lists of meetings, events and other SAA recovery resources
    • Providing telephone helplines to help sex addicts find a suitable SAA meeting
    • Creating and publishing leaflets and other literature
    • Providing public information about SAA in the UK to health professions, the media and others
    • Running open days for recovering sex addicts and their partners
    • Representing SAA In the UK at the International Service Organisation of SAA
    • Providing a transparent channel for donations made under our seventh tradition

    The SAA UK Intergroup donates money not required for the services listed above to the International Service Organisation (ISO) of SAA, which provides services to groups around the world and with which most SAA groups and the UK Intergroup itself are registered.

    In addition to making donations to the UK Intergroup, members may also help sex addicts by donating directly to the ISO, including making personal regular donations by joining ISO Lifeline Partners.

    Last updated: October 17th, 2023