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  • Justice & rehabilitation

    If you’re not familiar with sex addiction as an anonymous fellowship, we are patterned after the better known Alcoholics Anonymous AA.

    Whilst AA was established in the 1930’s and SAA in the 1970’s, our aim as a non profit making social enterprise, is to help individuals to stop addictive and illegal sexual behaviours. 

    Sex Addicts Anonymous follows the same sort of steps of recovery as AA, in an environment of respect and support, through daily tools and sponsorship that helps people gain and maintain sobriety.

    Legal Representatives & Defendant's Support

    It often helps legal representatives, when steering offenders through the criminal justice system with those making decisions about sentencing and rehabilitation, to see the role SAA may play in an offender’s new life. 

    SAA offers a programme of recovery, with practical tools and new connections, to go alongside often damaged family relationships and friendships, to support people to stay in productive work and get support whilst staying in the community.

    Those of us who have legal consequences to our actions, may find ourselves court-ordered into group therapy or outpatient treatment. These treatment projects taken together with the SAA programme, may all be necessary for good rehabilitation.

    Probation & Police Safeguarding

    One of the cornerstones of fellowship is anonymity and confidentiality. This means that, whilst institutions may want details of recovery from SAA, it is up to the individual offender to describe their experiences as they seem appropriate.

    SAA does not have any leaders. Whilst some of us have longer recovery in the fellowship than others, we are nevertheless all equal.

    Another cornerstone is providing connection and support to people who are often isolated and alone. Often the antidote to addictive behaviour is connection with other people and identification with similar struggles. 

    The value of SAA to individuals is to find a safe place in which to talk about difficult feelings, without being judged or told what to do.

    We would like to stress though that SAA is not a place to meet sexual partners.

    During meetings, members are asked to be sensitive to the safety of everyone by avoiding overly specific descriptions of their behaviours, naming specific places, publications, broadcasts and services they have abused.

    Most people who attend SAA haven't engaged in criminal activity and we specifically discourage talking about specific behaviours, as it’s the solution we’re interested in rather than criminal behaviour.

    At meetings, people are encouraged to express their feelings, get a temporary sponsor to show them around and share phone numbers to get extra support from those who’ve already got some experience of what to do.

    The various Steps of our programme help people to see that, whilst they are not helpless, they can see their powerless and unmanageability; their worth and value, no matter how far their self destructive behaviours have taken them; and to get honest and how to put things right for the future.

    We hope that probation and safeguarding services will grow to accept the value that SAA provides to offenders in helping them to rehabilitate.

    Get in touch  

    Email us here.  We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

    Attend an SAA meeting  

    SAA meetings are available for all seeking recovery from addictive sexual behaviours, including those who find themselves facing legal action as a result of their addictive sexual behaviour. You can get support here.

    SAA Recovery Meetings
    For non Addicts seeking infomation on SAA, SAA have open meetings and events, which are open to all. Look for Events, Open meetings on the UK website or international open meetings, where professionals interested to learn more about the fellowship may join an Open recovery meeting.

    SAA Literature

    Check out our programme literature, which can be accessed for free online or ordered through the SAA website Shop. There are a number of starter pamphlets and our main text is Sex Addicts Anonymous - The Green Book.

    Last updated: February 15th, 2023