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    Friday Morning Telemeeting

    Happy Friday

    Join meeting by phone

    Hello and welcome to the Friday Morning telemeeting!

    We meet by conference call every every friday morning at 09:30am (GMT).

    Recovery from sex addiction is possible for everyone. At this meeting we focus on how to get sober, stay sober, and enjoy our sober lives. If you want to recover from addictive sexual behaviour then you're in the right place. No matter who you are, what you've done, or what you're still doing, this is a safe place within which to heal.

    To join by phone, dial...03303902135
    and use access code...8083766#

    To join via the
    and use meeting ID...ukfridaymorning

    The call is usually open about 10 minutes early. Feel free to join for a chat and to volunteer to do service at the meeting (if you'd like). The meeting also remains open for 10 minutes at the end for newcomers, outreach and for those looking for sponsorship.

    PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes you have to enter the access code a few times before it lets you into the meeting. It can help to dial slowly and hold each number down a little longer than usual. Please do persevere and join us :)

    When: Friday
    Time: 9:30 am to 10:30 am
    How: Telephone
    Type: Closed, Mixed
    How to join:

    See details above

    Contact: GSR - Sharon
    Alternative contact: Secretary - Tom

    Newcomers Servant - Sharon
    Email - [email protected]