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  • Constitution changes Q&A

    Please come along to hear about the proposed changes

    Saturday 20 May 2023 2pm for an hour

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    Meeting ID: 819 5302 1476 / Passcode: 2023

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    Announcing: a special meeting of the constitution committee Saturday 20 May @ 2pm for an hour, to go through the planned changes to the SAA constitution.

    Everybody is welcome to come along, find out more and ask questions.

    The proposed changes in detail are:

    In 3.2 strike "UK" and insert "British Isles";

    In 5.1 strike "in March";

    After 5.1.3 insert "A deputy treasurer to assist the treasurer";

    In 5.2 strike "Officers" and insert "The treasurer and deputy treasurer shall not serve in the same position for a fifth consecutive year and other officers";

    Strike 7.1 and insert "Decisions that can be postponed without violating applicable law (including this constitution) shall require a majority with no more than two votes against.";

    In 7.3 strike "other";

    In 8.2 insert "members or representatives of" before "registered groups".

    You may read the whole constitution here.

    Date of intergroup meeting to approve these changes - Saturday 8 July 2-4pm

    If you have any questions, write to constitution chair David L or meetings servant Joe W

    intergroup is a Tradition 9 - a committee to those we serve. We publish listings on this website, sell literature and provide resources and help for meetings to carry the message.

    Last updated: April 22nd, 2023