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    Swansea Saturday Morning Meeting

    Swansea SAA

    Meeting details

    When: Saturday
    Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
    How: In person
    Type: Mixed
    How to join:

    Shortly before the meeting is due any week or see instructions below

    Contact: Martin B
    Alternative contact: A member of the group

    We are now running hybrid meetings on a Thursday at the Quaker Meeting House. So you are able to attend in person, or via zoom.

    We also have a zoom only meeting on a Saturday 10am to 11am.

    Please email us for details.


    Swansea SAA

    Please try to arrive a few minutes early so as not to disturb the meeting if it has already started.

    If you do arrive late however, please follow the instructions below to gain access and someone will let you in.

    When you arrive at the venue please go to the small pedestrian gate by the car park (not the large main car park gate please) and press the buzzer marked 'Meeting House'.

    When the lock buzzes go through, we are meeting in the annexe building which is on the right hand side of the car park. Someone will be there very shortly to let you in.

    All doors are kept secure before, during and after the meeting at the request of the Quaker Meeting Hall.

    If you speak to anyone at the gate or via the intercom please do not assume they are attending the SAA meeting.

    A lot of visitors to the venue will be going to either the Quaker House itself or the organisation upstairs (the Natural Health Service) which is nothing to do with SAA.

    That way you are protecting both your own and our anonymity.

    This is a mixed (closed) meeting. This means that all men and women are welcome especially newcomers but the meeting is restricted to those seeking to recover from addictive sexual behaviour.

    If you're still not sure if SAA is for you, see the 'Am I a sex addict' page of this website. Click here to go to the page.

    We look forward to meeting you.

    Sex Addicts Anonymous SAA