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    Oxford Wednesday Night Online & In Person Meeting

    Oxford SAA

    Meeting ID: 220 043 5552

    We encourage people who are new to our meeting to arrive 5 minutes before the start time.
    If you attend by zoom, we will ask you to have your camera on at least during introductions and introduce yourself verbally, as if you were in a physical room. If you are not able to introduce yourself on video, please join by phone instead.
    We encourage everyone to join within 15 minutes of the start time of the meeting so that you don’t miss the introductions. We are only human, so if you arrive later we may not see you. We apologise in advance if that happens and you’re kept waiting. If you are let in after the 15 minutes, please turn your video on so the other attendees can feel safe.

    When: Wednesday
    Time: 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm
    How: In person, Online, Telephone
    Type: Closed, Mixed
    How to join:
    Contact: Rohan
    07887 343387

    Our meeting welcomes everyone who wants to recover from addictive sexual behaviours and is 18 or older.