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    London Notting Hill Saturday Morning Online Meeting

    London Notting Hill Saturday Mixed

    Zoom meeting. Please message or call one of the meeting contacts for the details.

    When: Saturday
    Time: 9:30 am to 11:00 am
    How: Online
    Type: Mixed
    How to join:
    Contact: Richard M
    Alternative contact: + Female contact

    We meet at 09.30 on Saturdays. The meeting finishes at 11.00am.

    Welcome! Welcome to the Saturday Notting Hill SAA Group page. We hope you find all you need here. If not, feel free to contact us on any of our contact details above.

    Meeting Format and Ethos:

    Each week we ask an experienced member of the fellowship to come to the meeting and share the experience, strength and hope they've found in working the 12 steps of SAA. We then have a time for people to share their own experiences or feelings - but we do not cross-talk, interrupt, criticise or discuss another person's sharing. Meetings are forums to learn how to integrate the steps into our daily lives - they are not a form of group therapy, and therefore have a different format and different boundaries.

    We should also mention that our meeting is strictly not a place to meet sexual partners. We are a mixed meeting, which means we welcome men and women of all sexual orientations, cultures and beliefs - and we are lucky to have regular attendees from across this spectrum. But this also means working to make our meeting safe for everyone - so if you are planning to come to meet sexual partners, you should know that we are united in protecting our members and making our atmosphere safe and boundaried.

    We hope you enjoy our group. Many of us feel like Notting Hill Saturdays is a family - and many of us make it our "home group". We work to promote fellowship among us, and as such many of us stay for a chat after the meeting. You don't need an invitation, everyone is invited.

    And we absolutely welcome newcomers - so if you're new remember that we have as much to learn from you as you have from us - you're the lifeblood of our meeting, in fact, reaching you is the primary purpose of our group! So be assured, we don't bite, and the most you'll ever have to say at one of our meetings is "pass" - there is no pressure to take part in anything or to say anything - and you'll find a friendly welcome no matter what your background or history.

    If you have any feedback, positive or negative, on our group or on this page, please contact us using the details above and we'll be happy to help you. Otherwise, we hope to see you soon!