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    Glasgow Wednesday Night In Person Meeting

    Glasgow Wednesday Night Mixed Group

    To gain entrance to our meeting, please walk up the ramp on Elie Street. Press the large grey button to the left of the door. It is best to phone, or text us, on 07580 858914 before attending your first meeting.

    When: Wednesday
    Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
    How: In person
    Type: Closed, Mixed
    How to join:

    Please call, text or email Donald before attending. He can answer your questions and tell you about our Newcomer Meetings. They are designed to help you understand SAA and how we can help you recover from sexual addiction. They are normally done in confidence on a one to one basis.

    Please text or call 07580 858914.
    Email [email protected]

    Contact: Donald
    07580 858914
    Alternative contact: For women wishing to contact the meeting
    07580 858914

    Please call or email Donald before attending.

    This is a closed group for men and women sex addicts.

    We run sessions for Newcomers to SAA on a 1 to 1 basis. They will help you understand your problems and how SAA can help you overcome your addiction.
    For more information or a chat, please contact Donald as above. He has sponsored both men and women through the 12 Step Programme.

    Any women, who would prefer to talk to a woman can call the national helpline for women on 07538 416804 or use the email address, [email protected].

    The 12 Step Programme really does work. You can overcome your sexual addiction with the help and support of other members and a sponsor to guide you through the 12 Steps.

    We look forward to welcoming you into our group.