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  • Letter to newcomers

    When we came to our first meeting many of us were having a variety of feelings. We were relieved to have found a place where our pain and despair might be understood. We were angry that we had to get help and couldn’t manage this part of our lives.

    We felt lonely and were ashamed of our sexual history. We had secrets that we were reluctant to share. We were distrustful, guarded and frightened. We had been abused and we had abused others. We were sex addicts and needed help. 

    Welcome to Sex Addicts Anonymous SAA

    The programme of SAA is patterned after the Twelve Step Programme of Alcoholics Anonymous. Here we learn a new way of living. We learn, at our own pace, to experience intimacy and sharing with others in a healthy way. We learn to trust; to express our feelings; to ask for our needs to be met; to say no when no is appropriate; and to stay around when all we want to do is run.

    Here no one shames us for what we have done or are still doing. Here we have a safe harbour within which to heal and for that we are grateful. 

    The only requirement for membership in SAA is a desire to stop compulsive sexual behaviours. It is a programme of progress, not perfection. If you are willing to be honest and have a desire to have and maintain healthy relationships, then you are in the right place. 

    Just six meetings

    It is suggested that you attend just six meetings before you decide whether the programme is for you. At your first meeting we encourage you to talk to others and exchange telephone numbers with those you relate to. We also suggest that you select a buddy to support you between meetings.

    The selection process is easy: all you do is ask someone you relate to if they would be willing to be your buddy until you learn your way around. At a later date, after you have got to know us better, we suggest you choose a sponsor. 


    We are happy that you are here, for it is the newcomer that keeps SAA alive and well.

    We encourage you to take it one day at a time, be gentle on yourself and keep coming back.

    If you think you might benefit from the SAA fellowship, or if you simply want to find out more, meetings can be found here or you may call 07585 091502 or write to us here for more information.

    Last updated: May 4th, 2023