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  • How stories get approved

    The public information committee uses the following seven guidelines:

    Stories respect and reflect the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of SAA

    Stories should express the experience of those who have gone before us in practicing the Twelve Steps.

    Stories carry the message of recovery

    They are derived from SAA experience and address SAA concerns.

    Stories are needed by the fellowship

    They have a clear purpose and an identifiable audience.

    Stories are plainly and clearly written

    They are easy for our members to read and translate readily into other languages.

    Stories do not contain offensive or sexually provocative language

    When discussing acting-out behaviours or life in addiction, clinical language is used rather than slang. We do not glorify acting out.

    Stories are inclusive

    They use language that is sensitive to gender, race, religion, region, culture, and sexual orientation. Our stories invite identification with and acceptance of other sex addicts.

    Stories reflect how most members practice the principles of SAA

    They strive to represent a consensus of the principles practised by SAA groups around the world.

    SAA history, including spoken tradition, is treasured and honoured whenever practical.

    Approved by intergroup 23 June 2018

    Your agreement when you submit a story

    If a story is rejected by intergroup, it may be submitted again.

    If the story is edited meaningfully to take into account concerns raised by intergroup when it was originally rejected, it will be reconsidered for publication immediately. If not, the story will be reassessed after a period of 2 years

    For approved stories, you transfer to SAA UK all rights to the publication of your submission in any SAA UK publication, website or service, including the full right to reproduce, copy, edit for content, modify, distribute, and create derivatives from the submitted work.

    We will make every effort to safeguard personal anonymity in the publication and distribution of material.

    We may not advise on submission prior to its publication.

    You release SAA UK from any claim whatsoever by you or your successors.

    See the full guidelines the public information committee uses to approve your story.

    And the full release conditions that you will be asked to undertake.

    Last updated: January 5th, 2023