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  • Release

    The conditions you will need to sign for when submitting your story for publication

    In consideration of being reviewed for possible publication, you hereby transfer and release to SAA UK the assignee all legal rights to the publication of your story or any edited version thereof in any SAA UK publication, website or service.

    With your submission, you transfer to the assignee without limitation the legal title and all literary rights, including copyright and/or trademark and the full right and license to reproduce, copy, edit for content, modify, distribute, and create derivatives from the submitted work.

    You understand that every effort will be made to safeguard your personal anonymity in the publication and distribution of this material. You also understand that you may or may not receive further communication regarding my submission prior to its publication.

    You hereby further attest that you possess full legal capacity to exercise this authorization, and you hereby release the assignee from any claim whatsoever by you or your successors.

    Last updated: December 22nd, 2022