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  • intergroup Summer meeting

    Please come along to do service for the fellowship

    Saturday 8 July 2023 2-4pm

    for you to copy-and-paste into your meeting's WhatsApp:

    The next SAA intergroup meeting is on the 8 July @ 2 pm for 2 hours.

    Items on the agenda include responsibilities of the safeguarding servant, some changes to the constitution, social media plans and a new poster for GP clinics.

    There is a link to more details here.

    Everybody is welcome to come along and do service.

    We ran out of time at the last meeting to vote on the safeguarding servant requirements and on the new poster for GP surgeries, so they're coming up again:


    Volunteers for meeting servant, public information chair, website committee chair and web manager, LGBTQ+ chair, constitution committee chair & safeguarding chair

    New role of sponship co-ordinator

    Approve new 'eye' poster

    Adopt safeguarding servant responsibilities

    Social media

    Ratify amendments to the constitution

    Woman's Zoom

    Ask your meeting rep or the web manager if you need a login to any of the links

    Get in touch if you'd like to know more:

    If you have any questions, write to secretary Catherine or meetings servant Joe W

    A Group Service Representative GSR or meetings servant is the voice that connects meetings to intergroup and vice versa.

    intergroup publishes the agenda for quarterly meetings 3-weeks in advance to give each meeting time to discuss intergroup business and come to their group conscious about how to contribute and to vote.

    intergroup is a Tradition 9 - a committee to those we serve. We publish listings on this website, sell literature and provide resources and help for meetings to carry the message.

    Last updated: June 22nd, 2023