Twelve-step recovery from sexual addiction explores the ways in which our lives have become dysfunctional. In recovery, the addict surrenders addictive ways of thinking and behaving, with the support of the group and/or an SAA sponsor. In this safer place she can begin to get back in touch with her real feelings and values. Others are there to help and identify with her.

In recovery we're encouraged to find 'a higher power of our own understanding' (which might be nature, the 12 Step Group, humankind, a concept of God, etc). We're encouraged to seek spiritual resources to recover, for example to meditate or pray. Part of recovery can involve reaching out and helping others still suffering from addiction, which has been shown to boost self-esteem, mental well-being and spirituality.

The prospect of recovery may seem daunting, but it can be an incredibly rich and rewarding process. With time and commitment it is possible to attain a happier, healthier and more balanced, enriching life.

Meetings can be places where it is possible to speak openly about addiction with others who understand and accept. As one group member recently said: 'I could never talk about sex with anyone, not even my therapist. Now I have really opened up my thinking and can talk more easily to other women in the fellowship, it’s really helped me recover from a whole pattern of addictive relationships, where sex was really the underlying fix’.

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