Women can be addicted to sex with or without a relationship. Some female sex addicts may see that they’ve had casual sexual experiences that were detached and compulsive - often with people they barely knew.

A variety of behaviours that women have indulged in purely because of sexual addiction are listed. Ticking 3 or 4 of these would suggest sexual addiction is something to be explored especially if you believe they are not healthy while still performing them. Several would suggest you are a female sex addict.

Twelve-step recovery from sexual addiction explores the ways in which our lives have become dysfunctional. In recovery, the addict surrenders addictive ways of thinking and behaving, with the support of the group and/or an SAA sponsor. In this safer place she can begin to get back in touch with her real feelings and values. Others are there to help and identify with her.

We recognise that sexual addiction is not a gender specific issue and an increasing number of women are identifying their sex addiction. In spite of this fact, you may find yourself the only woman in the room at an SAA meeting. This does not mean that you do not belong or that you won't find help in this program. It simply means that you are a member of a brave, trail-blazing minority and can be an example for other women to follow.

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