Every group member has their own story to tell and their views are not the opinions of SAA as a whole. In our meetings we encourage people to “listen for the similarities rather than the differences”. The stories that follow are written by current group members, many of whom have several years of sobriety. Although the writers' names have been changed, they are in our own words and from our authentic experience. We trust that they will bring you hope and inspiration.

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Cara's storyThe name I am giving is Cara, and I am a sex addict. On the outside I have lived a respectable life, held down responsible jobs, been married and brought up children and attended churches as a committed Christian. However what many people do not know is that for the whole of my adult life I have been obsessed with romance and sex. Those two words mean the same thing. As a young, shy, awkward teenager I came to believe that one day a special man would come along to save me from my rather narrow and unfulfilling life. These fantasies became more sexual as I got older.
Frantz's storyMy name is Frantz, and I am a sex addict. My very first sexual experiences were voyeuristic. As a boy I believed that love was hidden behind closed doors and in dark places. I tried to drill holes into walls and toilet doors. Later I found that some of the magazines that were sold in my parents’ shop contained sexualizing images. This was also the time when I began to be sexually harassed, as well as beaten up by fellow students, and physically punished by teachers.
Chris' storyI was referred to the SAA fellowship in November 2008 on the advice of a therapist. I had been worried about my compulsive sexual behaviours for some time. I was paying for sex at least once a month and constantly obsessed with escorts. It had first started as a thrill and a reward for hard work when I was away on business, but since I had dabbled back in the UK, the problem had become more pernicious and deep seated. It had now become my default to think about fleeing to prostitutes whenever things got tough in my life.
James' storyMy name's James, and I'm a sexual anorexic and addict. It's not so usual to hear people introduce themselves that way in SAA, so let me explain.
Mark's storyMy name’s Mark, and I’m a sex addict. When I was a 9 years old boy I was sexually abused by a family friend for over a year. I couldn’t tell anyone about it. It made me feel isolated, alone and with no self worth. I found my first porn film at the age of 11. Porn then became my best friend. No matter what life threw at me, no matter how painful the feelings were, no matter how much I was bullied, I could always turn to the one thing that was always there. I was also raped at 15 and so I found addiction.
Martin's storyMy name is Martin and I’m a sex addict. I came to SAA through various other fellowships as my addiction had taken me to various behaviours, places and substances. I ‘discovered’ masturbation around age 11 and thought it was the best thing ever. As I grew up I masturbated on public transport, at work, in my car whilst driving and at the window of my room hoping to get seen and dreading it at the same time.
John's storyI think I started using pornography when I was 16. It was only when the internet came when I started to realise I had a problem. I would spend hours on it, rushing home from work if I knew my girlfriend wasn't going to be there, taking advantage of any opportunity I had. And things weren't going well sexually with my girlfriend so I used that as an excuse.
Brian's storyMy name is Brian and I’m a sex addict. In my early 30’s I developed an uncontrollable obsession with internet porn. I’d always been preoccupied with sex and tended to "mentally undress" people, but as my problem developed I found myself spending many hours online, looking at material that was more and more against my own values and previously would have repelled me.
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