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London New Cross Gate Saturday
London (SE), New Cross Gate
London, New Cross Gate, Online Zoom and Telemeeting.
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
English (en-GB)
By Zoom or telephone dial-in
Saturday 10:00 Europe/London
1 hour 30 minutes
Matthew - 07732 859637
1 - The Problem.pdf
2- The absentence Statement.pdf
3- How it works.pdf
4 - Letter to newcomers.pdf
5 - The Promises.pdf
Traditions of SAA.pdf
Chips Script.pdf

Welcome to the London, New Cross Gate Zoom and Telemeeting.


If using Zoom. Please download the app and join the meeting using the Meeting ID: 443-415-499then type in the Meeting Password 

If you are dialling in, please call the following number: 0330 088 5830. Then type in the Meeting ID 443-415-499 #, then type in the Meeting Password ending in #

In order to protect the meeting anonimity we ask that you contact the meeting via email or phone Alex for the Zoom Meeting Password. 


We are a welcoming bunch who understand the problem and have found a solution to our addiction, through the 12 steps and 12 traditions of SAA.

In response to the Covid-19 lockdown, the members of the NCG Saturday morning meeting has voted unanimously, through a Group Conscience to run our meeting via Zoom and Telemeeting. When all social distancing is lifted, we shall resume regular face to face meetings on Saturday mornings.



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