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Bristol Saturday Mixed
Central Bristol
Friends (Quakers) Meeting house, Champion Square, Bristol BS2 9DB
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
English (en-GB)
Call 07794 769494 for Zoom or Phone call in details. Physical attendance is limited to 9. Please phone and ask for Clive's telephone number, and speak to Clive to book place.
Saturday 11:30 Europe/London
1 hour 30 minutes

The Bristol Central (Mixed) Lunchtime meeting is Bristol's newest SAA group, and is a hybrid (zoom and in-person) meeting taking place at the Central Quakers Meeting Space behind Cabots Circus Car Park in central Bristol. The meeting is a hybrid meeting so is also  available via zoom and Phone. 

The Bristol Central Saturday Lunchtime Meeting aims to be an inclusive, welcoming, space and we hope that people passing through the city of a weekend, people shopping in Cabots Circus, as well as regular attendees will all be able to take part in our Fellowship.


For Further Information: 07794 769494

Time: Saturdays, meetings starts at 11:30pm 

Zoom Room opens 11:15 for Fellowship

Physical Room opens 11:00 for Fellowship

Zoom & Telephone access:

For zoom & Telephone call in details please call the Bristol SAA recovery number of 07794 769494

Parking & Location

Whilst there are very limited (four, maybe) car parking spaces at the venue, the meeting place is immediately behind the Cabots Circus Car Park, (Which itself is at the end of the M32, the entrance to Bristol)  and if you are approaching the Cabots Circus Shopping Centre from the car park, about to walk across the footbridge, take the staircase on the left immediately before the footbridge, come down to the ground floor and follow the exit signs, as this exit from the Cabots Circus Car Park takes you into Champions Square with the Friends (Quakers) Central Bristol Meeting building directly in front of you.

As you come into the building, we use the meeting room immediate on the right hand side of the lobby.

Currently, owing to Covid, the room has a maximum capacity of NINE people. So, if you would like to attend the meeting, please phone Clive (or the Bristol Mobile 07794 769494 to ask for Clive's number) and book a space in advance of attending in person.


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