A Vision for You Big Book group of SAA
English (en-GB)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
All - telephone, webcall and messaging
Please send an email to the group email address for joining information.
Thursday 18:40 Europe/London
1 hour 5 minutes

The Twelve Steps "recipe" we follow

In this meeting we focus on the original Twelve Step solution, which is the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, translating into terms of sex addiction, why?

Answer: "Of alcoholics who came to A.A. and really tried, 50% got sober at once and remained that way; 25% sobered up after some relapses, and among the remainder, those who stayed on with A.A. showed improvement" (Foreword to Second Edition).



We typically arrive by 6:40pm (UK time) for a prompt start at 6:45pm (UK time). The meeting runs until 7:45pm (UK time).


Zoom teleconferencing costs

We are fully self-supporting. The cost of the Zoom conference call is £14.39 per month. Please ask at the meeting on how to contribute.


Any questions?

Feel free to email the group.


And Finally

The only requirement for attendance is a desire to stop addictive, sexual behaviour, for good and for all.


Useful Resources

Read the Big Book Online here: https://www.aa.org/pages/en_US/alcoholics-anonymous

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