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The twelve steps and twelve traditions of Sex Addicts Anonymous are derived from the twelve steps and twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. Although we are not affiliated with AA or any other organisation, we are deeply grateful to AA for making our recovery possible. A link is provided below for those wishing to purchase AA literature. http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/Shop 

Book: Sex Addicts Anonymous Green Book - completeISO Conferencesaa basic text green book10.90
Book: Sex Addicts Anonymous Pocketbook Edition ISO ConferenceSAA Basic Text Green book Pocket sized book8.60
Book: Voices of Recovery (New)ISO Literature CommitteeDaily Meditation Voices Recovery9.60
Booklet: Getting Started in SAAISO Conferenceintroductory newcomers first steps booklet2.50
Booklet: Group GuideISO Literature Committeemeeting startup structure readings group service guide booklet4.80
Booklet: SAA and the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Sex AddictISO Literature Committeeintroductory newcomers lgbt welcome booklet2.50
Booklet: Tools of RecoveryISO Conferenceintroductory newcomers tools techniques methods booklet4.40
Leaflet: A Special Welcome to the Woman NewcomerISO Literature Committeewomen newcomers welcome leaflet0.60
Leaflet: AbstinenceISO Conferenceintroductory newcomers sobriety definition tool leaflet0.60
Leaflet: First Step to IntimacyISO Literature Committeeavoidance avoidant anorexia leaflet0.60
Leaflet: First Step to RecoveryISO ConferencePreviously the Step 1 Booklet offering advice for the newcommer on step 1- now as a leaflet0.60
Leaflet: Getting a SponsorISO Literature Committeesponsorship mentor one-on-one support help leaflet0.60
Leaflet: Hope of Recovery (New)ISO Literature CommitteeIntroduction newcomer family spouses overview summary0.60
Leaflet: Recommitting to RecoveryISO Literature Committeerecommitting recovery slip relapse 0.60
Leaflet: Recovery from Compulsive Sexual AvoidanceISO Literature Committeeintimacy avoidant anorexia csa leaflet0.60
Leaflet: Safe and Sexually Sober MeetingsNonechoice choosing saa recovery meetings safety leaflet0.60
Leaflet: Sex Addicts Anonymous - a Pathway to RecoveryNoneintroductory saa iso publication self-assessment leaflet0.60
Leaflet: Sexual Sobriety and the InternetISO Conferenceinternet pornography addiction website leaflet0.60
Leaflet: The BubbleISO Conferenceaddictive trance recovery leaflet0.60
Leaflet: Three CirclesISO Conferenceintroductory newcomers sobriety definition boundaries inner outer top bottom lines tool leaflet0.60
Leaflet: Writing to PrisonersNoneprisoner outreach sponsorship letter writing leaflet0.60
Outreach: Are you in control of your sex life?UK Intergroupsaa newcomers members public introduction getting started leaflet0.09
Outreach: Understanding Sex Addiction - for Health ProfessionalsUK Intergroupsaa uk doctors gum medical clinics psychotherapists counsellors0.09
Pack: SAA Starter Kit (free for new groups only)ISO Literature Committeefree new group startup pack40.00
Pack: Women's Welcome PackISO Literature Committeewomen newcomers welcome pack1.75
{Bronze Medallion - 1 year}Nonecelebrate one year bronze medallion chip4.00
{Bronze Medallion - 10 years}Nonecelebrate ten years bronze medallion chip4.00
{Bronze Medallion - 18 months}Nonecelebrate eighteen months bronze medallion chip4.00
{Bronze Medallion - 2 years}Nonecelebrate two years bronze medallion chip4.00
{Bronze Medallion - 3 years}Nonecelebrate three years bronze medallion chip4.00
{Bronze Medallion - 4 years}Nonecelebrate four years bronze medallion chip4.00
{Bronze Medallion - 5 years}Nonecelebrate five years bronze medallion chip4.00
{Bronze Medallion - 6 years}Nonecelebrate six years bronze medallion chip4.00
{Bronze Medallion - 7 years}Nonecelebrate seven years bronze medallion chip4.00
{Bronze Medallion - 8 years}Nonecelebrate eight years bronze medallion chip4.00
{Bronze Medallion - 9 years}Nonecelebrate nine years bronze medallion chip4.00
{Key Chain Fob - Welcome}Nonewelcome newcomer key fob0.75
{Plastic Chip - 1 day (white)}Nonecelebrate one day plastic medallion chip0.75
{Plastic Chip - 1 month (red)}Nonecelebrate one month plastic medallion chip0.75
{Plastic Chip - 2 months (yellow)}Nonecelebrate two months plastic medallion chip0.75
{Plastic Chip - 3 months (green)}Nonecelebrate three months plastic medallion chip0.75
{Plastic Chip - 6 months (blue)}Nonecelebrate six months plastic medallion chip0.75
{Plastic Chip - 9 months (purple)}Nonecelebrate nine months plastic medallion chip0.75
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