Oxford SAA
Refresh Cafe, 131 Cowley Rd, Oxford, OX4 1HU.
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
English (en-GB)
Contact phone/email or just turn up between 19:15 - 19:30
Wednesday 19:15 Europe/London
1 hour 15 minutes
Adam M

The ONLY requirement for attending the meeting is a "desire to stop addictive sexual behaviour".

We recommend that you attend 5 or 6 meetings before deciding if the meeting/fellowship has anything to offer you. 

Parking is available behind Tesco which is a one minute walk from the meeting venue and is very cheap after 18:30 (between £1 and £2 for the evening) 

You can also park in the loading bays along the Cowley road and right outside the meeting venue for free and legally after 18:30 in the evening mon to fri. 

(Note the shutters for the venue ((Refresh cafe)) are sometimes drawn and it can appear to be closed prior to 19:15 when we will open the cafe for the private use of the meeting.)

At 19:30 the door is locked so please knock on the door and someone will come and let you in straight away. 

Look forward to welcoming you, in fellowship. 

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