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Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
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Contact the Belfast Group on 075 1613 9347 or Email the Group using the form below
Thursday 20:00 Europe/London
1 hour 30 minutes
SAA Belfast 075 1613 9347
SAA UK Helplines on 07843 108302 or 07599 917686
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Belfast - Northern Ireland "Steps to Recovery"  Meeting. Contact the Belfast Group on 075 1613 9347 or Email the Group directly .

 Held in Belfast City Center, The meeting is scheduled in UK  for 20h00 UK  local time and runs for between 1hour and 1hr 15 minutes.

This is a Mixed Meeting, Open to all those  with a desire to stop addictive sexual behaviour.



The Focus of the meeting is on our Experience, Strength and Hope of working the 12 steps. Each Meeting has a Focus which repeats each month:

  •  First week - Personal Story of Strength Hope and Recovery (Main Share)  or Presentation on a related topic by a volunteer, or Recovery Story from the Sex Addicts Anonymous book 
    • This meeting is a Hybrid meeting, catering for those who wish to call in to the meeting. on the first week of the month & the third week of the month on 03309981256 code 240953#
  •  Second week - Reading of the day 
  • Third week – Step reading of the month & you can join telemeeting on  third week of month on 03309981256 code 240953# 
  •  Fourth week - Tools of the programme
  •  Fifth week -  The Tradition of the Month


 To Newcomers, SAA is a Safe Place. Whoever you are and whatever you have done, you will be made very welcome.

        -  It works if you work it, So work it Because you are worth it - 


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