Brighton Monday Mixed
Zoom Meeting - Temporarily online
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
English (en-GB) Password 459267 / Meeting ID: 852 6903 9404
Monday 19:30 Europe/London
1 hour 30 minutes
Antonio 07578431406

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Meeting ID: 852 6903 9404

Password: 459267

Please make sure you have a good internet connection, and you are in a quiet, private place where you will not be disturbed, with the phone or computer resting on a solid surface. 


Welcome to the Monday night meeting of Sex Addicts Anonymous in Brighton.

The only requirement for attendance is a desire to stop addictive sexual behaviour.

We've all been newcomers at one time and understand the courage it takes to attend a meeting for the first time. Tea and coffee is available, usually 15 mins before the meeting starts, if you would like to arrive early and chat to someone before the meeting. We're a friendly group and you'll be made welcome. 

This meeting focuses on a different topic or Step each week and sometimes includes a reading from Answers in the Heart or other recovery literature and an occasional share from a fellow.

Please note that this meeting is open to both men and women.

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