The UK Intergroup of Sex Addicts Anonymous is a service board directly responsible to meetings that have chosen to register with it. The Intergroup maintains this web site and provides services to SAA meetings throughout the UK.

Please select a contact below to submit an email enquiry or call the enquiry line on 07843 108 302 or 07599 917 686.

Contact details for individual meetings are available by selecting the appropriate meeting from the meeting list and the telemeeting list.

General enquiriesOur email servant will redirect your query if you are not sure which of the other contacts is appropriate
Intergroup chairThe Intergroup chair is responsible for the smooth running of Intergroup committee meetings and interim decisions
Intergroup secretaryThe Intergroup secretary prepares committee agendas and minutes and maintains general records
WebmasterThe Webmaster maintains this website
Contacts committeeThe Contact list committee is responsible for maintaining the members shared contact list
Intergroup treasurerThe Intergroup treasurer is responsible for the efficient conduct and reporting of finance
International representativeThe International contact represents the Intergroup at conventions and other international SAA coordination
LGBTQ contactThe LGBT contact works with members groups in outreach to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender sex addicts
Literature contactThe Literature contact supplies literature for small orders, new groups, or open days
Media contactThe Media contact will answer or forward queries from journalists and authors
Meetings contactThe Meetings contact is responsible for maintaining contact with meetings and assisting with registration and reports
Outreach contactThe Outreach contact works with member groups and the Public Information committee in outreach to the sex addict who still suffers
Prison outreachThe Prison outreach contact coordinates outreach to prisoners and newly-released prisoners
Recovery day committeeThe Recovery day committee coordinates conventions around the UK
Telephone contactsThe Telephone contacts manage the telephone enquiries service
Women's contactThe Women's contact works with member groups in outreach to women sex addicts
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